About MoreCorp

Our Strategy

MoreCorp has its origins in golf retail. It was identified at an early stage that to differentiate itself, delight its customers, and grow as a business, it needed to offer products and services that covered all aspects of their golfing lives; irrespective of ability and life stage. As a result, retail grew to include practice, instruction and playing opportunities. It is on these same four pillars that MoreCorp is building its cycling business, understanding that a discerning, upwardly mobile, decision making customer base lies at the core of all it does. MoreCorp will continue to invest in other sport and leisure sectors that reflect the same dynamics and offer economies of scale.

Sport and leisure is a booming global industry that is rich in opportunity. MoreCorp aims to become the market leader in Africa, and achieve recognition as the dominant player in this space. We strive for our business to make a difference and have a positive impact through healthy activities that bring people together.

All aspects of our business work together to reach our goal. We will continue to maintain and grow MoreGolf’s market share and establish MoreCycle as the go-to destination for cycling on the continent.