Our instant video feedback and proprietary Motion Measurement Technology allows students to see real-time video and motion measurement simultaneously. When this is combined with the Coaches’ expert guidance and knowledge that no “one” technique works for everyone, it’s no wonder the 10 million golf lessons and counting have led to a 96% success rate for our students.

At GOLFTEC, we rely on facts, not opinions. We’ve proven the best way to improve at golf is through data-driven instruction. Structured golf lessons with coaching from deeply passionate and driven professionals combined with technology and custom club fittings at GOLFTEC Training Centers across the world, has made a real and lasting impact on tens of thousands of dedicated students.

To begin, all GOLFTEC students start with a Swing Evaluation. During this session, you’ll discuss your goals with your Coach and review the strengths and weaknesses of your game. This evaluation will serve as the foundation for building a customized plan, taking into account your goals and objectives.

While we continue to grow and embrace new, constantly-evolving technologies that further enhance our ability to provide the most consistent, precise and efficient methods for golf improvement, our mission of helping people play better golf remains the same.