HotShots is a unique twist on how we play and experience golf with friends, located at The World of Golf in Woodmead.

HotShots transforms the golfing experience by seamlessly blending cutting-edge golf technology with a culinary and social experience like no other. With advanced shottracking technology in each bay, patrons can play golf-themed games or tackle real-world championship courses without leaving the comfort of their bay.

The immersive golfing experience is enhanced by a dedicated menu, live music, a facilitydedicated bar, and service straight to your bay.

Day or night, HotShots remains open, providing golf enthusiasts with uninterrupted access to the facility. The climate-controlled bays ensure comfort in all seasons, eliminating concerns about winter chill or summer heat. HotShots is a dynamic hub for golfers, party-goers, families, and friends for an unparalleled golfing-themed adventure.