ScoreCapture was founded in 2013 and started out being a tournament management tool specifically designed to run any live scoring tournaments, being official or social.

Through identifying the needs of the golfers, ScoreCapture has become a comprehensive digital solution for golf by developing various features and functions that reduce the timeconsuming administration duties, eradicates common mistakes, increases efficiency, improves communications and significantly boosts the enjoyment of the game across the world.

ScoreCapture is a digital scoring system for golf that has 4 major parts.


  • The web page is used by societies, clubs and unions to set up multi-round tournaments or games, create/import 4-balls into fields within the rounds and then set up leader boards, using all sorts of filters.


  • The App is FREE and any registered person can set up a game and score on any of the courses around South Africa.


  • All calculations are done in the Azure SQL DB and the information is sent to the website front-end and the App (to be displayed on various scorecards and leaderboards). All our tournaments and games are live.