World-class kids play area for World Of Golf


The World of Golf now boasts one of the finest restaurants with s specialised kids play and entertainment area in the country. In fact, within weeks of the facility launching, it was voted as one of the top ten child friendly restaurants for parents who want to keep their little tykes entertained.

The authoritative News24 Food website determined the eatery at our facility as worthy of a place in the top ten in the country and it has indeed proved that, with its ever increasing popularity. The colourful state of the art play equipment, clamber and climb structures, a soccer pitch and craft activities as well as our attentive child minders confirms that the restaurant at the World of Golf has become the destination for parents who want to give their children a superb experience…even while the grown ups are grooving their golf swings.

The eatery also gives young budding chefs a chance to concoct their own pizza while mom and dad can settle into catching up with the latest news, watch live sport or just quietly sip a cocktail and let the days tensions ease away!

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Orbea is finally here!


Born in the Spanish Basque Country over 180 years ago, Orbea has its roots set in weaponry. When arms production was no longer profitable at the end of the first World War, Orbea pivoted in a new direction and used their extensive experience with metal tubing machines to produce weapons with two wheels. Weapons to tear up trails, tarmacs, and the competition.

TaylorMade renews distribution partnership with MoreCorp


Over the last three years, the TaylorMade / MoreCorp distribution partnership has seen TaylorMade entrenched as the leading golf brand in South Africa. In a recent survey of more than 10 000 South African golfers, 45% called TaylorMade their favourite golf brand. The next brand garnered 16% of the vote.