MoreCorp launches new rewards programmes for Golf eco-system – MyGolfLife


It’s great to be a golfer. Loyalty programs are nothing new in South Africa, but good ones are few and far between. Most loyalty programs expect a lot from the participant, give very little in return, and often what you get back isn’t even that cool.

That’s where MyGolfLife is different and aims to stake a claim as the best rewards program in any category, not just golf. “We reward golfers, for being golfers, with rewards golfers will want and use,” says MoreCorp Marketing Manager Damian Murphy. “Gone are the days where you need to spend 45 minutes with your heartrate above 75% to get a cappuccino. MyGolfLife aims to reward golfers for playing, practicing, taking lessons and even shopping and buying their favourite golf products.”

Currently MyGolfLife is set up to reward golfers based on your retail spend with their partner The Pro Shop, but with each passing season, more benefits and rewards are being added to the offering. MyGolfLife even rewards you for using your rewards, putting up huge jackpots every season, winter, spring, summer and autumn, which roll over if unclaimed. The jackpot can be spent on anything golf. “If you want to go to the 150th Open at St. Andrews, if you win the jackpot, we’ll pay,” says Murphy. “New clubs, no problem. Absolutely anything golf can be yours if you win the jackpot.”

MyGolfLife is free to use and there are no sign-ups required. Your cell phone number is your entry in, and you don’t ever have to remember a password. Visit off your mobile phone for the best experience.

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